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Artists since we can remember, we make music that we would have needed to hear in those moments when we felt like we didn't belong.

Our sound is a musical journey to the pop of the 90s and 00s, combining fun lyrics with a vital message of respect, joy, and unity.

Listen to our Music

"Arif and Ricky in Wonderland"

"Un Mundo Realmente Libre"

"Arif and Ricky in Wonderland" is our calling card and the anthem that rocks the screen as the opening of our incredible eponymous show on CANAL YOU TV.

The music is an explosion that transports you to the cartoons of your childhood, blending the vibrant styles of the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

The lyrics will bring more than one laugh, and the message is clear: Respect, joy, and the most epic party united! Join the fun!

Is the world truly free?

Through irony and humor, we reclaim that sexual freedom that the conservative current stubbornly stigmatizes as taboo.

A ballad that evokes the essence of iconic Disney movies from the 90s and provokes a reflection on the contradictions rooted in society, where cis-hetero men consume adult material while simultaneously disapproving of any sexual expression that does not fit their own patterns.

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Soon you'll be able to listen to our new song:

"Yo También Bailaba las Spice"


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