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Since we took part in that cooking program on Channel4 in 2019 and the producers, along with the director, told us that we had incredible chemistry for television, we haven't stopped!

From working as roving reporters at RuPaul's DragCon UK to hosting events both online and in person, such as the MARIYOU launch gala at the MAGNO Theater in Madrid.

In addition to performing, we also host our comedy show:

"Arif and Ricky In Wonderland"


Watch the first episode of:


for free!

"ArifandRicky inWonderland"

Click             to hire us as                             for any of these projects:


TV and RADIO Shows

LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship conferences and panels

Galas and awards Ceremonies

Podcasts, conventions, and talks

theater, film, or music festivals

corporate and networking events

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