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Do these phrases ring a bell for you?

I don't know where to begin!


Why am I not growing ON SOCIAL MEDIA?

I don't have time!

What should I post?

I get stressed just thinking about posting!

The algorithm hates me!

First of all, the algorithm DOESN'T HATE YOU, so take a breath, because for all your problems WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!

Within our "The Creators Breakthrough Academy" we have different packs for NETWORK OPTIMIZATION, STRATEGY, and CONTENT CREATION tailored to all your professional needs.

But remember, each of these packs is like a step on the ladder to success on social media. To reach the top, it's essential to acquire its predecessor. Without it, there's no access to the next level.

So, are you ready to start from the bottom and reach the highest peaks?

These are our SOCIAL MEDIA packages,

each one essential for advancing to the next level!

Level 1


Get ready for success!

With this first package, you'll give your social media a 180-degree turn so they shine like never before.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your social media profiles.

  • Optimization of biographies and descriptions to stand out.

  • Creation of Highlights.

  • Enhancement of visual aesthetics with design adjustments.

  • Personalized tips to increase audience engagement.


  • Increase visibility and presence on social media.

  • Improve consistency and quality of content.

  • Attract more followers and potential customers.

  • Enhance brand identity and online reputation.

With this package, you'll be on the fast track to social media success!

Level 2


Let's map out the treasure that will guide you to success on your social media!

After we've worked for a month on optimizing your networks, we'll focus on:

  • Detailed analysis of your audience and competition.

  • Development of a personalized strategy to reach your goals.

  • Content planning with key dates and relevant topics.

  • Recommendations on growth tactics and promotion.


  • Establish clear and achievable goals on social media.

  • Increase engagement and interaction with the audience.

  • Generate qualified leads and increase conversions.

  • Foster networking with influencers and other brands to expand your influence and presence on social media.

With this package, you'll be one step closer to becoming the queen or king of social media!

Level 3


Time to unleash your creativity!

After just two months of optimization and strategy, you'll have everything ready for us to create irresistible content together that will captivate your audience.

  • Brainstorming session to generate innovative content ideas.

  • Creation of appealing and professional graphics, videos, and visuals.

  • Writing captivating and attention-grabbing texts.

  • Scheduling of posts for optimal distribution.


  • Generate high-quality content that stands out from the crowd.

  • Increase engagement and audience participation.

  • Reinforce brand presence and visual identity.

  • Drive traffic to your website or business.

With this package, you'll turn your brilliant ideas into content that will make your social media explode!

from 350 USD dollars

from 320 USD dollars

from 290 USD dollars a month

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from 1700 dollars

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